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March 27, 2020
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Choosing a Steel Conveyor Roller for Your Factory in Arlington Heights IL

Running an efficient manufacturing company can be highly dependent on the type of equipment that you have. Your conveyor belt plays a huge part in moving your product down the factory line which is why choosing the right rollers is so important.


While you could choose between aluminum or steel, a steel conveyor roller would be the better option. Although it may be a little easier to install aluminum rollers, steel rollers will be much more durable.


If you are dealing with very heavy loads, then you will need rollers that are large and have less spacing in between them. Keep in mind that It is always best to make sure that at least 3 rollers are in contact with your load at all times.

High or Low

The height of your rollers depends on your load and the application. If you want your load to have some overhang, then you would want your rollers to be set high. Otherwise, in order to avoid issues with your conveyor, make sure that low set rollers have an inch of space on both sides.

A steel conveyor roller is a great choice if you are dealing with very heavy loads, hazardous materials, et cetera as it is extremely durable. Because of steel’s resistance to corrosion, steel rollers can work well if your setup is outdoors as well.

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