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November 13, 2018
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Conveyor Roller Bearings Suitable for Any System or Industry

Conveyor roller bearings bearings

If your facility uses conveyor systems, you need high-quality components to make sure your conveyors do not let you down. Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. makes some of the finest conveyor rollers and conveyor roller bearings on the market today, and we can serve just about any system and industry. Here are some of the options we provide.

1000 Series

Our 1000 Series sleeve bearings do not require external lubrication, and they can work on both gravity and powered conveyor systems. They are excellent for the food and beverage industry because they can tolerate wash-down conditions and high temperatures.

2000 Series

Slow speed conveyor systems require special conveyor roller bearings. Our 2000 series is perfect for light and medium duty applications. A special labyrinth seal keeps bearing raceways free of contaminants. Industries using drying and cooling conveyors can benefit from this type of self-lubricating roller.

3000 Series

Some applications call for anti-friction conveyor roller bearings. They are also known as rolling element bearings. Steel balls between bearing rings create very little friction or resistance as the unit rotates. Friction is a big cause of heat build-up and wear and tear on bearings.

Anti-friction bearings are used in a wide range of industries because they are cost-effective, durable, and can carry heavy loads. The bearings can utilize a ball retainer or no ball retainer (full complement). They are often seen in:

  • Gravity conveyor roller systems (including underground raceways)
  • High-speed applications
  • Precision and semi-precision raceways

Gravity and Powered Applications

All three bearing types are suitable for powered or gravity conveyor applications. When you come to Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. you enjoy one of the complete selections of conveyor roller bearings for your company. Call us today at 1-866-9ROLLER (1-866-976-5537) for more information. In Arlington Heights, you can call 1-847-350-2900.

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