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Conveyor Rollers Defined and Their Many Illinois Applications

Conveyor rollers are metal rollers that are primarily used to move material in warehouses. They are very simple devices, but they need to be designed precisely and constructed correctly to be able to handle the enormous cumulative weight of the materials they help rollover time without falling apart.

Many Applications

In some cases, conveyor rollers simply move material within a single warehouse in an industrial operation. In other cases, they move material between production and warehouse centers. Their working concept is extremely simple, yet they are as important as they have ever been today because they are essential to moving items around the massive warehouses and sorting centers that shipping companies operate, which are thriving as online shopping grows increasingly prominent.

Conveyor rollers save time, and they reduce the need for human employees to touch the packages being moved through warehouses. They are used on circuits, and these must be planned out carefully so that the rollers work as efficiently as possible. They can be driven by gravity if they are set up on an incline, or they can be driven by motors if they are on a flat conveyor belt. Either way, they are remarkably effective when set up correctly but will eventually fall apart if the stresses on them are too great.

Conveyor rollers can be both straight and curved. To check out a full line of conveyor
metal rollers complete with images and descriptions, visit the Conveyor Systems & Engineering Inc. website at www.conveyrollers.com.

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