. Caesarstone Pebble

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Caesarstone Pebble

Caesarstone Pebble

Caesarstone makes good quality quartz countertops. These can be used in both residential homes property. Not only can they be used for countertops but also for floors vanities and other interior surfaces. Caesarstone is beautiful almost precisely like marble. The way Caesarstone is made is interesting. The manufacturing process is automated but is monitored closely. Several steps are taken to be sure it comes out right. The first step is testing and mixing the raw materials. Then the mixture is poured into a mold of the two different slab sizes. Next is compressed with nearly a hundred tons of pressure. And it's by braided in a vacuum to remove all the air. The third step is the curing. The slabs are put in the kiln at 90 degrees Celsius. This gives it strength. After they are cooled down, they are calibrated and Polished. That allows them to have the shiny finish. After this, each slab is quality tested to be sure of the quality of the consistency. Color and hue are met. The slabs are then tagged and sent over to the distribution center.

Caesarstone comes in a variety of patterns and colors. One of the patterns is called Caesarstone Pebbles. This style looks almost like a rock walkway or wall. It is a white background with pebbles in it. The pebbles come in several colors. This is gorgeous for the floors or backsplash of a sink. The rocks are a beautiful addition that adds a textured look to the surface.

Since the Caesarstone is smooth, it is effortless to clean. It does not crack, stain or scratch easily. If you scrub it hard with a scrub brush, you will scratch it, but with everyday cleaning, there will be no scratches in the stone. Because it is a
non-porous stone, it will not stain. Things like grape juice and red wine will wipe off it quickly and leave no stain. To clean it, you need to wipe it clean with a rag with warm soapy water. Since it is a grainless stone, there is no place for bacteria to grow as long as the surface is clean. There is also no need for a sealer on the Caesarstone surface.

You can cut on the stone without worry of leaving cut marks in it. Of course, if you press down hard with the knife, it can leave minor scrapes on the countertop. For this reason, it is always best to use a cutting board and protect the counter. Caesarstone also withstands heat reasonably well. If you place a hot pan on the counter, it is best to use a hot pad to protect the counter.

To maintain the beauty of the new countertop, you wipe it off with soap and water. Once a week wash it down with a soft scrub gel and bleach and be sure it dries completely. Avoid oven cleaners or toilet bowl cleaners. Strong cleaners are not needed on this surface.

Here at Paramount stone, our professional staff will help you select the Caesarstone product that is best for you.

Caesarstone Pebble
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