. Coffered Ceiling Tiles

Coffered Ceiling Tiles

Coffered Ceiling Tiles

One of the most beautiful and decorative ceiling options for your home and commercial buildings are coffered ceiling tiles. Classic coffered ceilings are made of wood panels that can add a dignified and elegant feeling to any room. The look can be achieved with the use of coffered ceiling tiles. These are panels made from various types of wood, depending on your preferences and the architecture of your home. They can be utilized to create patterns or designs that offer an interesting and chic look.

Beautiful and Distinctive Ceilings

Coffered ceiling tiles make beautiful and distinctive ceilings. They have a luxurious appearance. A handcrafted wood ceiling makes the ideal finish for your perfect room. You can choose from three different oak finishes including cordovan, autumn and natural or choose a custom color, wood species and design. You can get coffered ceiling tiles to match any décor.

There are many advantages to coffered ceiling tiles. One of the important benefits is that they can hide some of the imperfections on your ceiling. They also make your ceilings appear higher. This means that the room will look larger and more majestic. They give the appearance of a luxury, custom hand milled ceiling but at a more affordable price.

You can choose from many varieties of domestic wood such as ash, cedar, cherry, red oak, maple, hickory, poplar, yellow pine and walnut. You can also opt for exotic woods upon request. Wood is a sustainable and earth-friendly choice. Suspended ceilings are energy efficient and can save you money on utility costs over plenum ceiling designs. You can also create custom panels with logos or designs or even incorporate a home theatre into the design.

Coffered ceilings are fast and easy to install and can adapt to rooms of any size or shape. The components are all pre-cut and finished so there is virtually no mess during installation. The panels can be disassembled and relocated if necessary. The installation does not require special tools.

Choosing Coffered Ceiling Systems

We offer three main coffered ceiling system options which can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. Option A is a fully coffered system that provides an extraordinary suspended wood ceiling that will transform your room. Option B utilizes wood trim molding along with some wood coffers. This option is less expensive but still gives a luxurious and classic look to the room.

Option C includes wood trim moldings with the use of standard ceiling tiles. This is the easiest and most affordable choice. It offers the look of wood without the cost. It uses solid wood trim moldings that lend a classic appeal to the space. You can also integrate fabrics into the system. We offer a wide range of fabric choices that you can use in the design of your ceiling. You can view many examples of our work in our online gallery. We are happy to provide you with a quote for your particular coffered ceiling needs. Contact us today to learn more about our high quality products.


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