. Inrush Current Limiter

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Inrush Current Limiter

Inrush Current Limiter Western Electronic Components is a great source for quality products like thermistors and inrush current limiter in California. We directly work with component and design engineers, as well as purchasing agents to deliver our applications, components, and sensors to you. Explore our line of products in this website today.

Inrush current is essentially the energy delivered to a magnetic or electronic device as soon as it is turned on. These devices may include computers, motors, copiers, and other types of appliances that use electrical current to operate. The surging current that flows through the device as it is switched on is much greater (at least 20 times greater) than what is required to operate a given device safely. To compensate for the amount of inrush current that electronic devices receive, inrush current limiter devices like active circuits and thermistors are built into the system to reduce and manage the surging current. WECC is an established manufacturer of PTC and NTC thermistors, supplying leading OEM companies across the globe with quality components that help create high standard electronic equipment for consumer electronics and other end-user products.

Without some kind of inrush current limiter, fuses, circuit breakers, and other electronic components may trip, preventing a device from performing or operating normally. This is why inrush current must be reduced to normal levels before energy can be distributed to the rest of the system or circuit. Thermistors and other types of surge current protectors also prevent inrush current from damaging switch contacts, which, when subjected to large amounts of surge current may end up welded together, permanently damaging the system. If your company is in need of high quality and custom designed surge protectors, thermistors and other similar components for your early manufacturing stages, check out our products and services at WECC.

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