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Lift Rentals Lethbridge

Lift Rentals Lethbridge

Lift rentals help you reach new heights. Whether working on a construction or farm project, Lethbridge Equipment Rentals offers quality equipment at affordable prices.

What can a lift accomplish?

A lift is a capable piece of equipment when you need to reach beyond the capability of a ladder. Most are capable of reaching beyond 100 feet. This makes them ideal for tall floodlights and structures.

Grab a large light and flood your field at night, trim trees, harvest fruits, and reach the top of tall roofs with ease. A lift is common but unfortunately often unused equipment in rural areas.

Types of Lifts

When you know that you need a lift, you need to know which type to rent or purchase. Do not find yourself at work without the right tools for the job.

Different lift types include:

  • Articulating boom lifts which include baskets and reach 60 to 200 feet
  • Aerial work personal fall protection systems that reach as high as a ladder
  • Atrium boom lifts for indoor work
  • Boom lift bucket trucks for utilities work

Most rural clients use articulating boom lifts. They are useful on uneven and rough ground and do not require the maintenance or fuel of a bucket truck

Articulating Boom Lifts

A bucket attached to a large extendable shaft and base compose an articulating boom. Despite reaching up to 200 feet, most can hold hundreds of pounds of manpower and tools.

Our selection includes tractor bases for rocky and rough terrain. Tend to your flock without getting stuck in the mud.

Cost of an Articulating Boom

The base cost of an articulating boom starts at $30000. Prices vary depending on the weight capacity required and height you need to reach.

The typical boom lasts for thirty years. However, maintenance is a crucial factor in the cost and a solid care regimen is required. Storage is also expensive when not on your property.

Renting a boom is often a much more economical option. Costs are as low as $700 per week. The equipment is ready to use and does not require paying for storage and maintenance.

Simple Rental Process in Lethbridge

The hassle of farm equipment rentals does not need to turn you off to the benefits of doing so. Our team is available whether you plan to return the equipment yourself or need help.

We offer a standardized four step process to erase uncertainty. Acquire a trailer for the term of your rental or have us drop off and pick up your boom lift.

Online Farm Equipment Rentals in Alberta

Lethbridge Equipment Rentals offers an entirely online process for anyone looking to remain on their property. There is no need to sacrifice crucial work when renting.

We back our online booking platform with a well-trained team ready to meet your needs. We can help you prepare for any upcoming project.

Lift Rentals in Lethbridge

Visit our online platform or store to find out more about lift rentals in Lethbridge. Avoid a long trip to Calgary.

Our team is ready to help you with any project.

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