. Nylon Conveyor Rollers

Nylon Conveyor Rollers

The Advantages Of Nylon Conveyor Rollers

Nylon conveyor rollers are applicable to the many and varied functions where roller conveyor systems are the perfect solution for moving materials. These materials are applicable to replacements, upgrades, and new installations. Nylon conveyor rollers are not the solution to every need but they do have inherent advantages due to chemistry and composition.

Some of the advantages of nylon conveyor rollers are:

Wear resistance

Nylon has a higher wear resistance than other materials. This means the rollers last longer. You save money on replacement and down time for changing rollers. You also save money by preventing damage to the material that you are moving.

Low coefficient of friction

Nylon has a naturally low coefficient of friction. The range of coefficient of friction is variable depending on the chemistry of the nylon. A low coefficient of friction allows any material that you move to move more freely. Your line stays in operation so you keep moving material and making money.


Nylon does not need oil to be slick. The material has a natural lubricity. This means that the material that you are moving slides more easily along the rollers. You save on lubricant cost and prevent slow spots in your conveyor line with nylon conveyor rollers.

Chemical resistance

The chemical structure of nylon makes it naturally resistant to even the most corrosive of chemicals like acids and bases. Your rollers last longer so your replacement and maintenance costs decrease.

High age characteristics

Nylon rollers last longer than other roller materials. Any material that lasts longer gives you a cost advantage. The added advantage of nylon is that there is a minimal decease in performance characteristics over time. The material does not deteriorate easily. Nylon rollers can last up to five times as long as metal rollers.

High impact resistance

The structure of nylon polymers makes the material highly resistant to repeated impact. The rollers do not deform under repeated impact from heavy or sharp materials and they do not damage delicate packages. Your reject and scrap rates can decrease.

Large operating temperature range

The operating temperature range of nylon is negative 40 degrees Centigrade to 80 degrees Centigrade. The large range of operating temperature allows the material to be used in many conditions where other materials would fail.

Light weight

Nylon has a much lighter weight compared to other roller materials of the same size. The light weight produces less work for the machinery that drives the rollers. You experience a lower cost for maintenance and less down time.

The lighter weight will allow you to load more material per unit area. This will increase your productivity and your income.

Quieter operation

Nylon rollers run quieter than metal rollers. The low level of sound can be an important issue in worker safety.

Costs less

Nylon costs less than other materials for conveyor rollers. One has to take all factors into consideration. Nylon wins in lower down time, lower maintenance costs, lower replacement costs, increased production, and longer working life.

Simple to change

Nylon conveyor rollers are available in the size and length that fits your present needs. Special sizes can be made to order. Materials that are specific to given industries are readily available.


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