. Tension Link Load Cell

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Tension Link Load Cell

Tension Link Load Cell

The process of choosing a tension load cell is complicated because each option has a benefit. The truth is that each load cell install has unique requirements that make it the best fit for the task. The choice for the right tension link suspension should have enough backing of in-depth data with precise measurements.

What you will get from our tension link load cell

Proper frame

Every load cell has a design that is specific to its environment, mechanical purpose, and conditions of use. The right load cell mount and frame will maximize performance to maintain a safe operational course. Our frames have a design that reduces deformation and flexing. The design minimizes the input from the mechanical environment, such as vibrations, thermal deformations, automatic expansions, and stray electrical pulses.


The weight of the object determines the division of the load cell. One must choose a tension link load cell that will record the right resolution for the smallest weight differences. We ensure the right load cell by selecting a load cell that is specific in mounting, shape, weights, and the maximum and minimum weight variance.


Load cell solutions can stop functioning under toxic environmental factors. Conditions that affect the material of the cell include the following:

  • Moisture – Moisture causes corrosion and causes failures like an electronic short circuit. Our load cells have highly resistant materials that prevent moisture intrusion, whether working in food preparation or a moisty outdoor like the ocean shore.
  • Chemical exposure – Chemical exposure causes corrosion that also leads to mechanical and electrical failure.
  • Temperature – The operational temperature makes a huge different on the load cell. We design our cells to function under extreme temperatures to compensate for different temperature ranges.
  • Vibration – The load cell will record significant changes under vibrational pressure like heavy traffic, seismic activity, or heavy industrial activity


The accuracy of the load cell calibration depends on several different factors, such as the creep, non-linearity, repeatability rating, hysteresis, and combined error readings.

These records fall within the system’s requirements and will, therefore, not cause a massive difference in the accuracy of the system. The quality of the load determines the accuracy of the readings. We have intentional high rates for each tension load link cell so you can benefit from the calibration settings and vendor support.

Application relevance

The longevity of the load cell ultimately depends on the forces creating stress on the object. An example is that some applications will have more bending, while others will have extreme shear compared to other factors. We determine the choice of load cells best for your application when you contact a custom purchase order.

A tension link load cell is not at the top of most people’s minds. They drastically change how we operate machinery to ease everyday life. Load cells keep buildings intact to prevent collapses or difficult situations like crashing planes and malfunctioned medical tools. Contact Massload on 1-800-667-3825 to get accurate order details for your particular load cell.

Tension Link Load Cell
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