. used electric Forklifts Los Angeles

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used electric Forklifts Los Angeles

used electric Forklifts Los Angeles

Forklifts are useful for lifting heavy loads in construction, warehouses, shipyards, loading docks, or even department stores. There’s a wide selection of used electric forklifts in Los Angeles that you can select depending on your workspace. At World Equipment Services, we have used forklifts in mint condition to help you run your business smoothly.

Review of Our Used Forklifts for Sale

We understand that your forklift needs may change from time to time. As such, we have a variety of new and used forklifts for sale, including:

  • Reach Forklift

This is ideal for warehouses as it’s easy to navigate in narrow aisles. It has two outer legs and another set of wheels at the back that help distribute the load. These wheels allow for sharp turns as they’re located right below the operator. In stock we have the following pre-owned forklifts:

  1. 2016 Toyota 8BDRU15 Deep Reach Forklift going for $19,950
  2. 2012 Raymond 750DR32TT Deep Reach for $16,950.00
  3. 2008 Raymond 740R45TT for $12,950.00
  4. 2007 Yale NR040 Reach for $9,950.00
  • Turret Forklift

This type is designed to operate optimally in a warehouse or places with confined spaces. Turret forklifts will provide you with exceptional performance, increased visibility, and extreme maneuverability. We have the 2010 Yale NTA030SN Turret in stock retailing at $26,950.00.

  • Electric Stacker Forklift

If you’re looking for Los Angeles used forklifts that will provide you with unmatched productivity and durability, the electric stacker forklift will be a perfect fit. Also referred to as walkie stackers, they’re ideal for storerooms and small warehouses. We have the 2014 Toyota 6BWR15 Walkie Stacker Reach Forklift going for $8,950.00 and 2009 Raymond RSS40 Walkie Stacker retailing at $6,950.00.

  • Electric Pallet Jack Forklift

This forklift can be used for mid-distance runs when working on ramps, trailers, and dock plates. It delivers reliability and high energy efficiency as it keeps the operator comfortable while working. The electric pallet jack forklift has a smaller turning radius making it friendly for small spaces. If you’re searching for used forklifts in Los Angeles, you can purchase our perfectly reconditioned 2012 Yale MPB040 Walkie.

  • Order Picker Forklift

Our order picker forklift will help your operators around the warehouse to pick and deliver the required materials. You can purchase the 2011 Raymond 540-OPC30TT at $10,950.00 or the 2004 Yale OSO30 at $5,950.00.

  • Pneumatic Electric Forklifts

If you have a mostly outdoor-based operation, you should check out our pneumatic electric forklift sales. This type of forklift is ideal for your lumberyard or if you have a loading dock operation. One of the advantages of a pneumatic electric forklift is it’s multidirectional and can be used in a rough environment. Its tires provide a cushion and excellent traction. We have two great options: 2015 Clark C50 D at $28500 and 2008 Doosan D90S-5 priced at $42,500.

Get Our Forklifts for Efficiency and Increased Productivity 

A forklift is designed to give you much output in your business while helping you reduce the manpower required to perform a given task. Investing in our perfectly reconditioned used electric Forklifts in Los Angeles will improve your productivity significantly. Contact World Equipment Services to inquire about our products or to receive a quote on 800.737.0209.

used electric Forklifts Los Angeles
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