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Warehouse Roller Conveyors: Warehouse Safe Lifting Techniques

It doesn’t matter what is stored in your warehouse, there are times you might need to move items around your warehouse. It is common for workers to always stock new items on the shelves and heavy lifting is unavoidable in the warehouse. It is important to ensure that workers follow these safety tips to avoid accidents that are likely to happen when lifting heavy objects.

The back should be kept straight

When bending down to pick items up, the spinal cord feels some pressure and though the backbone may seem strong, there is always a possibility of getting an injury. It is important that workers don’t bend but instead make sure their hips are down while keeping the back straight.

Knees should be bent

The best stance to take when lifting objects are bending at the knees. A person should not make the mistake of bending at the waist because of the pressure from the excess weight. When you bend at the knees, the excess weight is transferred to the legs instead which will easily absorb the pressure.

Keep heavy items on the shelves

When heavy items are on the floor, you would have to bend to lift it up which can result in injury. It is better to keep heavy items high on shelves especially around waist level so that it would reduce stress on the workers back.

Know the type of items you are Lifting

Some items may be uncomfortable to lift and so it is best to know the weight of what you are lifting. Also, ensure that it is well balanced and packed. When you have to be able to assess the weight of the object, you should ensure that it is something that you can have a tight grip on before lifting. Do not work with assumptions even if you feel the item is lightweight.

Know your Limits

If you are still not sure of what the object weighs, you can use your foot to try and push it. If it feels like it is too heavy, then you should get assistance from a co-worker. Back belts may not always be sufficient when lifting heavy objects. It is best to employ using a forklift or dolly if necessary.

With constant practice, you get better

It takes time to correct bad lifting habits but with constant practice and time, employees will find it easy lifting objects using proper techniques. It is important to apply safety lifting policies in the warehouse to avoid injuries.

Warehouse Roller Conveyors know more about lifting heavy objects. They are professionals that have incorporated the best of all safety practices when loading items in the warehouse. Warehouse Roller Conveyors know better that improper lifting can lead to workplace injuries. If you intend to start a warehouse, you can get the best Warehouse Roller Conveyors to help with your lifting.

Also, if you want to improve your lifting techniques make sure to always follow the rule of keeping your back straight and bending at your knees. It is important you follow the proper form and use the right tools to prevent the occurrence of injuries in the warehouse.


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