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July 1, 2020
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August 24, 2020
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Durable, Strong Rollers for Metal Conveyor Systems in Arlington Heights, IL

Rollers made with metal are resilient, strong, and economical components of a reliable and operational conveyor system. They move any product type, whether it’s chemicals or car parts, and are adaptable to both gravity-driven and powered systems.

Roller Construction

Metal rollers are made by skilled fabricators with premium-grade metals. The result is an affordable roller system or component that offers high performance and durability for years.

Types of Applications

Metal rollers apply to a wide range of industrial processes, such as material handling, shipbuilding, food handling, transport of corrosive substances and operations in dirty environments.

They Can Be Customized

For specialized systems, our skilled and experienced manufacturing team can provide rollers to spec to efficiently and conveniently produce an economical solution to specific needs. Regardless of the conveyor type, rollers form a durable and specially-fit element.

Types of Rollers

The highest-rated metal rollers include:

  • Roller Bearings
  • Industrial Rollers
  • Gravity Rollers
  • Rollers for Conveyor Belts
  • Heavy Duty Rollers
  • Rollers for Steel Conveyors

Industry Experts

We’re niche suppliers of metal roller components, systems, and related accessories and products. These can include standard sizes that apply well to new installations or replacement items for repair or refurbishment. With over 27 years in material handling, we understand the key aspects of an efficiently-operating system. We offer a consultative approach at every step of development that yields the most efficient and successful system. Contact Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. at 866-9-ROLLER or visit the site at today.

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