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Features to Consider When Choosing a Conveyor for a Warehouse

Do you own a company with a warehouse? If so, a conveyor probably plays a role in transporting your products during the packing and shipping process. Not surprisingly, there are conveyor rollers with sprockets for many different industries. If you’re in the market for a new conveyor or you’re setting up a warehouse for your business, it’s important to consider several factors. Discover three features to consider when choosing a conveyor.

The Weight of the Items

What types of products do you move in your warehouse? Heavy products such as engine parts, large tools or bags of cement need to travel on a conveyor designed to handle a considerable amount of weight in a safe way. Alternatively, if you sell lightweight products such as baked items, bed linens or clothing, you need a conveyor made to support those types of items.

The Size of the Products

Be sure to consider the dimensions of the products that will travel on the conveyor. They need to have plenty of space to move freely so there won’t be any damage to your products. You want a conveyor that transports a large number of your products in a short amount of time. An efficient packing and shipping process adds to your bottom line.

The Nature of the Warehouse

What is the size of your warehouse? What is your preferred conveyor length? You must choose one in a length that suits your packaging and shipping process. Think about the set up of your warehouse to figure out what sort of conveyor design would work best for you.

Lastly, because there are a lot of conveyor rollers with sprockets for many different industries it’s easier to choose one that meets the needs of your business.

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