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How Manufacturers Can Protect the Steel Rollers in Any Conveyor System

When your manufacturing facility relies on the use of a conveyor system, even a small malfunction can result in costly downtime. Preventing this situation requires consistent maintenance of the entire system. In particular, you should have a plan for ensuring the continued efficient operation of each steel conveyor roller in the system. Knowing good maintenance practices for these rollers will help you extend the lifetime of the entire system.

Oil the Drive Screw

Each roller has a drive screw and nut. These components help control the direction each roller rotates to ensure the product moves in the proper direction. Failing to keep these parts lubricated can inhibit the functioning of each roller. Be sure to add oil to the drive screw and nut on a consistent basis.

Lubricate the Bearings and Drive Chain

The bearings and drive chain keep the entire system of rollers working together in unison. To promote more efficient operation of the system, the drive chain and bearings should be lubricated prior to use. In a facility that operates on a 24-hour schedule, oil these components at the start of every shift.

Check the Rollers for Debris

Your employees should be instructed to watch for debris in the tracks and under the rollers. Allowing debris to sit in the system will lead to roller damage and poor operation. Check with the manufacturer or owner’s manual to determine how frequently you should rinse your steel conveyor roller system with soap and water.

Additionally, make sure to regularly inspect your steel rollers for damage. Replacing damaged rollers will help you keep the entire system running more efficiently.

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