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Substantial Decrease in Conveyor Roller Noise Increases Bearing Life

Tapered Roller Bearings

Conveyor roller systemA leading beverage supplier approached us to discuss how they could lower the conveyor roller noise level of a powered roller conveyor system which was causing extra maintenance costs and an increase in squeaks.

One of the main causes of conveyor roller noise emanating from powered roller conveyors is bearing noise. After reviewing our client’s conveyor rollers, it became evident there was significant wear on the bearing.

Wear occurs when the balls, raceways and ball retainers slide against each other and there is insufficient or lack of lubrication to keep them from rubbing against each other. Increased vibration follows wearing of a bearing. This causes bearing noise.

A bearing may have a seal that has been put in place in an improper fashion. This allows contaminants to enter the inner raceways of the bearing. Such debris contributes to what is known as “three element wear”.

At this point, the bearings are probably worn out. New bearing technologies along with new lubricants and seals can help to increase bearing life while eliminating excessive noise.

Our team made sure the conveyor rollers were working at optimal levels and reduced the noise levels significantly by using precision bearings and proper lubrication. Improved bearing life was achieved by implementing Conveyor System & Engineering’s proprietary “Vibration Limiting Technology.”

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