Plastic Conveyor Rollers Could Be Exactly What You’re Looking For

Light-weight and durable, plastic conveyor rollers are the product of choice for a growing number of companies across the country. Plastic conveyor rollers are often cheaper than their metal equivalents; the construction of modern plastics means that in many cases, plastic rollers for conveyors provide a material that’s as tough and lasts as long as a non-plastic alternative. If you need plastic conveyor rollers to repair your existing system, or require a completely new installation, we are able to supply the parts you need at competitive prices. Our systems are widely used to transport all sorts of products – from corrosive substances, foodstuffs, heavy loads, dirty applications and material handling; we are able to offer plastic conveyor rollers that are exactly right for your intended use.

The Plastic Conveyor Rollers Experts

We are a highly experienced company that has acquired a formidable reputation for delivering fast, high-grade solutions that tick all the right boxes, for far less than you might imagine. We know that cost is always a priority for our customers, which is why we do everything we can to keep prices low without compromising on the quality of plastic conveyor rollers or other accessories that you receive. In addition to offering a good selection of factory-made plastic rollers in a good selection of sizes, we also give our customers the opportunity to benefit from custom construction and roller systems if required. The sky is the limit when it comes to the capability of the type of plastic rollers for conveyors systems we are able to create. To find out more about our plastic rollers for conveyors and what we can offer, or to discuss your project with us in more detail, call us at (866)-9-ROLLER.

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Plastic Conveyor Rollers

When it comes to Plastic Conveyor Rollers, you want a company that knows the industry. CSE offers you that plastic roller conveyor with over 27 years of experience in the material handling world. Our experts meet with you in a consultative approach to help identify your specific requirements. From there, CSE specialists help design the most innovative and cost-efficient installation to meet your unique needs, involving you at every step to ensure timely, but correct delivery. The solutions we offer give you a choice between industry standard and custom-engineered conveyor rollers with variable arrangements and installation styles suitable for a variety of uses. Whether you are moving food, chemicals, volatile material or bulk or raw material, need powered or gravity-aided conveyors, or need high-speed or variable-speed solutions, we have the best quality, cost-competitive plastic roller conveyor that you need delivered when you need it, and guaranteed to ensure your business’s continued success.

Best Rated Conveyor Systems

Best Rated Plastic Conveyor Rollers

Best Quality Plastic Conveyor Rollers

Whatever your needs, Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc., stands ready to provide you with the solution you require at a price you’ll love and on a schedule that keeps you in operation. Our systems are the best quality Plastic Conveyor Rollers in the industry, priced competitively, and backed by our service guarantee. Call today to get your Custom Plastic Roller Builder quote.

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1000 Series Conveyor Rollers

1000 Series

The 1000 Series Sleeve Bearings are designed for powered and gravity applications and are designed to be used without external lubrication.
Self-lubricating plastic resin bushings are proven to deliver a longer service life than lubricated rolling element bearings (ball bearings). In many cases sleeve bearings will outperform ball bearings in food handling, abrasive, high temperature, corrosive and wash-down applications.
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2000 Series Conveyor Rollers

2000 Series

The 2000 Series Conveyor Bearings are designed for gravity and slow speed powered applications and are designed to be used without external lubrication.
Self-lubricating plastic resin raceway ball bearings are a cost effective solution in light duty and medium duty conveyor applications. The labyrinth seal prevents solid contaminants from entering into bearing raceways.
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3000 Series Conveyor Rollers

3000 Series

The 3000 series ball bearings are designed with metal raceways and metal balls. These bearings are typically described as rolling element bearings. These deep groove bearings may be supplied either with unground raceways (for gravity applications), semi-precision raceways (gravity or slow speed powered applications) or precision raceways (high speed and high load applications). The balls could either be retained with a ball retainer or full complement (no ball retainer).
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