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August 3, 2022
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Why Metal Conveyor Rollers in Your Arlington Heights Factory Is a Good Idea

While there are many different types of rollers that are used in an industrial setting, not all of them are created equal. They each have different aspects that you may need at any one time. One of the best types of rollers that you can use, however, is metal rollers.

Very Strong

If you are moving heavy objects, then steel rollers are definitely the way to go. They hold up very well under times of extreme pressure as well as are rugged enough to not be easily damaged.


Metal is one of the most hygienic materials that can be used to manufacture rollers. It is easily cleaned and can be sterilized with just a quick spray and wiped down with the proper chemicals. Unlike plastic rollers, the metal variety will not succumb to stains nor will they scratch easily which can lead to bacteria entering the rollers.


If you don’t need the heavy-duty weight that stainless steel rollers offer, you can always use another popular variety which is aluminum rollers. These offer the same characteristics as steel rollers but they are much lighter in weight. When it comes to variety, metal definitely has a lot to offer.


Your production system may require rollers that are custom-made. This need can be accommodated as well. No matter what specifics you need in regard to your conveyor roller system, metal rollers can be manufactured to fit those needs.

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