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November 27, 2019
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A Simple Part Can Lead to Many Headaches in Manufacturing


Manufacturing companies have to be able to rely on every aspect of their assembly lines. While most think about machines breaking down, the conveyor system is rarely considered to be something that could break down. Metal rollers are seen as unbreakable, but there are parts involved that could lead to them needing to be replaced. Finding the right supplier can lead to a company not having to worry about downtime for a simple fix. While it may seem easy enough to just have employees fix the stoppage, that can lead to employee injuries. One simple break in a line can lead to any number of preventable headaches.

Problems Averted

One thing that a conveyor belt does is to make sure that employees are able to focus on the quality of the product. The belt is there to keep people from having to worry about lifting injuries. The rollers on the belt have to keep rolling, which is why there are mechanisms inside that people may not realize are there. Metal rollers are more than just the outside surface seen by all. Inside of one is all the bearings and connections that will keep a belt going smoothly. That is why most issues are never seen.

Keep Checking

One way from preventing small issues from becoming large ones is by checking all rollers. This should be done on a regular basis. Knowing when something is ready to be replaced will stop the situation from escalating at the height of production. The people who rely on the belt do not need to be slowed by what should be part of any preventative maintenance check. When looking for solutions dealing with metal rollers, look to Conveyor Systems & Engineering at their website for their entire selection. Employees are not wanting extra work.

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