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April 14, 2020
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April 14, 2020
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Conveyor Rollers in Arlington Heights, IL

Projects and manufacturing is stressful enough without having to worry about what conveyor rollers are needed. With Conveyor System and Engineering, Inc, we offer the customer the peace of mind, knowing they will be taken care of when it comes to metal rollers. With over 27 years experience handling materials such as metal rollers, we offer you services that are cost efficient and effective for many of the applications the customer needs. With our inventory stocked full of engineered or standard rollers, we are able to service a variety of industries like high speed conveyors food handling, and chemical applications.

Our goals are to provide the customer with quality service at a competitive cost. Some of our products include the 1000 Series. This is designed to eliminate the need for lubrication giving it more durable service with the plastic resin bushings providing its own self-lubrication. It can be used for both gravity and powered conveyor roller applications. The 2000 series is more for slow speed powered applications, but its self lubricating feature give it a cost effective result for medium or light conveyor applications. Its labrynth seal keeps contaminants out of the bearing raceways. The 3000 Series has a ball retainer that can be either plastic resin or metal design. Its labrynth seal keeps contaminants from the bearing housing. This series is also designed with both metal raceways and balls.

Among those, we provide conveyor belt rollers, plastic conveyor rollers, replacements for conveyor rollers and much more. For more information on which metal roller is the right fit, visit our website.

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