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January 6, 2023
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Different Pvc Conveyor Rollers To Consider For Different Industries

Regardless of the industry, every company invests in ways to increase production volume and effectiveness. One of the main ways they do this is by atomizing certain processes, mainly using conveyor belts.

These help move bulk items from one location to another, saving time and making the process more effective than when people do it. While there are many materials people use to make conveyor belts, PVC conveyor rollers are among the most popular ones.

This is because of their affordability, durability, reliability, and versatility to be used in various industries. Whether you want to move items within different floors or parts of the warehouse or outdoors, these rollers are up for transporting items of different sizes and shapes.

You can use them as part of gravity-fed or powered systems or variable and constant speed installations. Here are some variations to consider when installing a new conveyor belt or replacing an existing one.

1000 Series Sleeve Bearings

These are made especially for gravity and powered applications. They are also made to use without external lubrication/ the self-lubricating plastic resin bushings used last longer than lubricated ball bearings.

They also require minimal maintenance even in harsh environments and operate quieter than ball bearings.

2000 Series Conveyor Bearings

These are made for slow-speed and gravity applications. They are also made for use without external lubrication because of the self-lubricating plastic resin raceway bearings. Depending on the application, these bearings could be made from polypropylene plastic resin or Derlin.

3000 Series

These bearings are made with metal balls and metal raceways. They come with underground, semi-precision, or precision raceways for gravity, slow, high-speed, or high-load applications.

The balls are retained with a full complement or ball retainer that can be metallic or plastic.

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