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March 1, 2022
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May 10, 2022
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Conveyor Systems For Industrial Applications

In today’s highly industrialized age, factories and other production facilities take advantage of modern conveyor systems. Such installations facilitate the movement of raw materials, unfinished products and packaged goods inside commercial facilities. Factories, assembly plants and other production venues typically install metal rollers for enhanced durability and reliability. Such rollers are usually made of stainless steel for resisting corrosion and scratches. Some metal rollers may also have traces of galvanized steel and carbonized steel for extra protection, especially from repeated wear and tear at the assembly line. The bearings inside the rollers have unique components for optimum lubrication and movement on a consistent interval. Additionally, the inner metal shafts ensure smooth and controlled rotational motion on conveyor systems. These robust shafts work well with gravity-style and power-driven conveyor units.

Custom Conveyor Solutions

Depending on the nature of your business, you could customize the industrial-grade metal rollers. For example, conveyor lines that transport chemicals and other liquids should include special rollers with the ultimate level of protection. The outer tubes of the rollers should resist damages from chemical reactions with the spilled liquids and other substances. If your business mainly handles packaged products, you should select light-duty rollers that move quickly in conjunction with the existing propulsion system. Additionally, the conveyor belts and other components should have some drains and other special containers for holding any debris. Get in touch with the Conveyor Systems & Engineering, Inc. at to find conveyor rollers for your industry.

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